Looking for useful Math Symbols ( K-12 Grade use ) with Unicode numbers

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I am looking for Math symbols with Unicode numbers ( see attached image ) and also for punctuations, geometric symbols, and other recommended useful symbols and super/subscript & circled figures. I got Arrows. Thanks for your help.


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    @WAY KYI What do you mean you’re looking for Math symbols with Unicode numbers?

    You might want to look at UTR #25 Unicode support for Mathematics.

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    Thanks a lot. This is complete info more than what I needed. I thought accessing these Mathematical Symbols from a regular Laptop keyboard is hard, but there are some solutions in this document. I will try it. Thanks
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    I am looking at this solution offered ( below ) in the document. But I think it needs some setup in the computer to enable hex-to-Unicode conversion to work. If so, how? Can anyone know and point me out the setup instruction here? Thanks
    Hexadecimal input.
    A handy hex-to-Unicode entry method works with recent Microsoft text software (similar approaches are available on other systems) to insert Unicode characters in general and math characters in particular. Basically one types a character’s hexadecimal code (in ASCII), making corrections as need be, and then types Alt+x. The hexadecimal code is replaced by the corresponding Unicode character. The Alt+x can be a toggle, that is, type it once to convert a hex code to a character and type it again to convert the character back to a hex code. If the hex code is preceded by one or more hexadecimal digits, one needs to "select" the code so that the preceding hexadecimal characters aren’t included in the code. The code can range up to the value 0x10FFFF, which is the highest character in the 17 planes of Unicode.
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    Thank you Mr. Phinney. This is exactly what I am looking for. I did skipping a lot while reading this section. There are many options for accessing the glyphs from a font. I also interested in getting keyboard designed for this or suggest me the best option for this. Any info is very much appreciated. I googled it and the closest ones are Math Keyboards which I am not sure it can fetch me all other symbols in the Unicode. Thanks
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    Unicode has over 100,000 characters. The most practical way to access them all with a keyboard is one that allows typing the codepoint. (Typically this is in hexadecimal, although there is no technical barrier blocking use of decimal for the purpose.)
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    I use Windows and setup in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Input Method. I did ok with LibreOffice and MS Word. 

    But, there are unencoded glyphs start with Ox10000 and on... I can't get them in LibreOffice or in MS Word and even in Character Map. All I got was .notdef glyph. Some high-end Graphic Apps ( CorelDraw and AI ) have Glyph dialogbox and I can get them easy. So, seem like I can get any glyph from PUA but am unable to get Glyphs beyond Ox10000. Any suggestion??? 

    Oh, if the font designer just uses the ligatures in Ox10000 block, I think I can get them from OpenType features, I do not need to worry, am I right???
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    Have you tried Richard Ishida’s Uniview, for example https://r12a.github.io/uniview/?block=Mathematical_Operators. For input, people usually use something like LaTeX, MathML or Insert > Equation in Word.

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    Mr. Jacquerye, I did try as you suggested. Uniview is a good option but that is out of application you are in. Thanks for all your help.
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