Most relevant kerning pairs for CYR/GRK

Hello everyone,
Recently, I decided to continue the work of Andre Fuchs on The Ultimate List of Kerning Pairs.
He did some very interesting and smart research/analysis for Latin script, but only for Latin.

So I decided to build on his work (with a little extra touch) to create data for Cyrillic and Greek scripts.
I'm quite satisfied with the results, but due to our use of the Google Fonts archive to extract kerning data, I have fewer fonts for Cyrillic than he had for Latin.

Therefore, I'm writing this post to ask Cyrillic/Greek type designers/foundries if they would like to collaborate with me to improve the input data. I'm looking for fonts that support the standard (extended is better) glyph sets for each script.

I have written a small Python script using fonttools to remove all outlines from a font file but keep all other data. This way, you can safely send me your fonts if you wish to collaborate.

At the end, I will publish an all results and process like Andre on GitHub.


  • Stefan Peev
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    At localfonts website there is a separate page about the Cyrillic kerning pairs (even 2 pages but the second one is not finished). Look at it and if I can be of help for you I'll be glad to do my best to help you.