Half brackets from Supplemental Punctuation block. Is there a standard for them?

I was asked to add half brackets: uni2E22 (TOP LEFT HALF BRACKET), uni2E23 (TOP RIGHT HALF BRACKET), uni2E24 (BOTTOM LEFT HALF BRACKET), uni2E25 (BOTTOM RIGHT HALF BRACKET) to the project Common Serif. I used 3 control fonts (Brill, DejaVu Serif, Gentium) to find out which is the the appropriate way to embed the half brackets. Is there any standard for half brackets or designer may decide how long to do these glyphs? Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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    Some information about half brackets on Wikipedia:

    Quine corners ⌜⌝ and half brackets ⸤ ⸥ or ⸢ ⸣

    The Quine corners ⌜ and ⌝ have at least two uses in mathematical logic: either as quasi-quotation, a generalization of quotation marks, or to denote the Gödel number of the enclosed expression.
    Half brackets are used in English to mark added text, such as in translations: "Bill saw ⸤her⸥".
    In editions of papyrological texts, half brackets, ⸤ and ⸥ or ⸢ and ⸣, enclose text which is lacking in the papyrus due to damage, but can be restored by virtue of another source, such as an ancient quotation of the text transmitted by the papyrus. For example, Callimachus Iambus 1.2 reads: ἐκ τῶν ὅκου βοῦν κολλύ⸤βου π⸥ιπρήσκουσιν. A hole in the papyrus has obliterated βου π, but these letters are supplied by an ancient commentary on the poem. Second intermittent sources can be between ⸢ and ⸣. Quine corners are sometimes used instead of half brackets.

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