Edit Profile Bug

Edit profile is not working for me.


  • Mark SimonsonMark Simonson Posts: 1,633
    Same here. I get "user not found".
  • Mark SimonsonMark Simonson Posts: 1,633
    edited May 1
    Actually, if you click on the little gear icon, it works. But the popup on the profile page doesn't work.

  • I’ll reach out to Vanilla to see what the issue is. They’ve been particularly unresponsive lately, which has been frustrating.
  • Just going to hijack this thread rather than starting a new one, if that’s okay...

    Are we ever going to have the ability to add information to our profile (a bio, links, etc.)? I assume it’s not possible right now, but maybe I’m missing something. Also, I’m guessing that has been discussed a lot already somewhere, but my quick search didn’t turn up much.

    This seems like table stakes these days. I assume if it were easier it would have been added by now. What’s the story?
  • edited September 6
    You have that ability today! I didn’t notice that that feature had been added by Vanilla [Thanks Stephen].

    If you go to your profile, select the dropdown menu in the upper right, you can edit your profile to add a host of information.

    There is also a section for real names within the profile information; if you’re using or would like to use an alias—but would still like to be identifiable—this would work well for that.
  • Ah, thanks! For some reason I didn’t catch that there were more options on the “Edit Profile Fields” page. That is, I didn’t look carefully enough, and only took that the options on the left were more “account settings” and not more fields for profile info.
  • Not your fault. It was hidden in the admin. Just had to be switched on.
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