Font weights not being recognized by Mac OS Ventura

J. BridgesJ. Bridges Posts: 91
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Is there a reason why my new Macbook Pro running Mac OS Ventura cannot recognize the difference between a regular, medium or bold of certain fonts I have purchased licenses for? Some of these fonts are from 2015 and 2019. You would think fairly modern versions would work. Is it some kind of font identification number? I looked using Glyphs 3 and could not see a problem. Everything works fine on my machine running Mac OS Monterey. Thanks!


  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 2,697
    What specifically is “not recognizing the difference”?
    Font Book? Some other app(s) running on Ventura?
  • What I mean is: when I go to install (JohnDoe Medium) in Fontbook it does not seem to recognize the difference between the different weights. When I try to install the regular, bold, semibold it seems to think it is the same font and replaces the previous weight. I have never seen this issue before. I am guessing it is a naming convention issue that was not an issue until Mac OS Ventura or the newer versions of Adobe CC. But, I have no clue. I have always had a suspicion that Apple and Adobe would find a way to cripple old fonts we have purchased over the years. Is this happening or am I paranoid. (I know I am paranoid) :)
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    For the most part, no, nobody is specifically out to cripple existing fonts. (With an exception for some vendors dropping support for PostScript Type 1 fonts. But that writing was on the wall for at least 15 years beforehand.)

    I suppose I should ask, what format are these fonts?
  • J. BridgesJ. Bridges Posts: 91
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    I think I found a possible reason. The Regular and the Medium were both named (Regular). It did not affect the use of the fonts in Mac OS Monterey but it did cause problems in Mac OS Ventura. I used Glyphs 3 to correct the name and now it works.
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