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satyasatya Posts: 17
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Hello everyone,

Please welcome my newest font family, Pilcrow. A simple, utilitarian Latin sans in sharp and rounded versions. Available for Print and Web.


Best, Satya


  • This is stunningly good, Satya. Strong, clear, warm, beautifully crafted. But if you don't mind a suggestion for v1.1, can you include more 'normal' alternates of /u and especially /t? The /t is extremely strong here, and while it looks lovely, I think it's wearying in long passages. If you had a less obtrusive alternative users could choose, I think these could be a real alternative to DIN.

    And for the same reason, I'd love to see italics.

    But more imporantly: well done!
  • satyasatya Posts: 17
    Hi Max,
    I'm glad you liked it - thanks.

    I'm not sure about the Italics, but I'll definitely consider your suggestion for including alternates for 'u' and 't' in the next update.

    Best, Satya

  • Chris DChris D Posts: 76
    I have to agree with Max - my first impression was this was a beautifully designed font, but the lowercase /t/ shapes are a tiny bit distracting when reading long passages. Maybe shortening the tail of the /t/ so it has a skinnier proportion might help?

    I do like the /u/ though, it's in keeping with the rest of the font :)
  • Chris DChris D Posts: 76
    Here's a sketch to give you a better idea of what I'm referring to :)http://draw.to/D30lWOg
  • satyasatya Posts: 17
    Thanks for the suggestion, Chris. I'm surely going to introduce an alternate 't' in the next update.
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