What does it mean if a desktop font license from MyFonts reads: (until Jul 2014)?

J. Bridges
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What does it mean if a desktop font license from MyFonts reads: 
(Foundry Name)- Standard License (until Jul 2014)?

I purchased a font license in May 2014. Can a license be voided or amended after the purchase? Not sure what (until Jul 2014) means. Anyone know?

I have attached the license as a PDF. The original link to the license on my invoice is broken. Glad I copied the license when I purchased it.



  • JoyceKetterer
    I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.  My guess is that this is something like a version number.  But you really can't know without asking the foundry directly.

  • Thomas Phinney
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    Also not a lawyer and not offering legal advice.

    I am imagining that one explanation is, someone (MyFonts? the foundry? unclear) had a plan to switch over to a different license—for future licensors—beginning in July of 2014. I don’t see any clause in the license that allows them to modify it without your express permission, so I don’t imagine they can do that. Presumably you are still bound by the original license, unless you have since agreed to a new one, for those fonts.

    But as Joyce says, best bet is to contact MyFonts and ask them what it means.   :)