Adobe Fonts (Creative Cloud license)

J. Bridges
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Do all fonts that are available thru Adobe Creative Cloud activation come with the same desktop license? I see that Yellow Design Studio has fonts available. A lot of their fonts have a license that limits printed units to 250,000 units or less if purchased through MyFonts or Fontspring. What about if activated thru Adobe Illustrator?


  • JoyceKetterer
    My understanding is that if you use the fonts via Adobe, yes.  I'm pretty sure Adobe only has one set of terms of service.  
  • Marc Oxborrow
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    Read Adobe's Creative Cloud font licensing information here. It seems pretty straightforward (emphasis mine).

    In one of the introductory paragraphs:
    The licensing information in these frequently asked questions applies to any fonts which have been activated through your Adobe account or added to a website with the embed code we provide.

    Further down, in one of the FAQs:

    Can I use the fonts to create products I will sell commercially, such as t-shirts, posters, books, magazines, or other printed merchandise?
    Yes. You can use the fonts for any kind of merchandise, whether you’re designing a t-shirt for a friend or product packaging for a client. Other printed products, such as books or magazines, are permitted as well. There is no limitation on the number of impressions or items you may produce.
  • J. Bridges
    Joyce, Marc: Thank you!
  • Christopher Slye
    All fonts used through Adobe Fonts share the same Service Terms of Use. Anecdotally, I vaguely recall a foundry or two that attempted to assert their own limitations elsewhere (e.g. “If you use our fonts through Adobe Fonts, you are not allowed to use them for commercial work”), but I honestly don’t remember who that might have been — and maybe I’m misremembering. My only point, really, is such an assertion wouldn’t be legitimate.