Monotype partners with Canva

In the news...Monotype partners with Canva...adds 1100 fonts to Canva's font database ( and will probably add more as time goes on)


  • Igor Petrovic
    Not sure what to think, but sounds like the renewed fonts will earn even more while the 100 million users will show even less demand for the small indie foundries/typefaces. This is an indirect way to make 1100 hi-quality fonts free to all that people, which I guess significantly supports "I thought I can get 1gb of fonts for $1" perception.

    But others might give opinion on whether Canva users were font buyers at first place...
  • Justmytype76
    Well, I wouldn't  say I'm an Indie foundry being in the business of typeface design for over 10 years, but at least half of my queries nowadays are from Canva users wanting to know how to use my fonts Opentype Features in Canva, its the bane of my life, not kidding, but happy to answer as its sales. Literally get at the very least one a day. Canva users are massive font buyers. With Canva, I do foresee a new Creative Fabrica type service in the making , where, as the asset library grows, so the fonts themselves lose value/become harder to find, and royalties to the contributing typeface owners get less and less. But Monotype still made the big bucks for the initial sale/partnership. The problem comes in when users will first go to check if the font is free on Canva, before they purchase it from the designer. 
  • JoyceKetterer
    I adjusted my license to permit canva use a few years ago.  We get a few inquires a month.  Its a go to way for lay people who have a proper branding agency to do their own day to a day social media images.  I don't expect this deal to effect our business at all
  • Ray Larabie
    Ray Larabie Posts: 1,402

    I am optimistic that this development may prompt Canva to incorporate some fundamental OpenType features, particularly liga and calt. This would address the vast majority of customer support requests I receive from Canva users, ultimately enhancing their experience.