Please help identify possible age of this carved Number?

Dear all, please could you help me identify the possible age of this carved flat topped 8 number. It is on the base of a large carved stone artifact and it would immensely helpful if anyone knows when this type of typeface/font (forgive my ignorance of the correct terms) was in use. 


  • Andreas Stötzner
    a bit of further context information would be appropriate: location? historic environment … ?

    … roughly: 17th c.
  • Thomas Phinney
    Thomas Phinney Posts: 2,787
    For whatever it’s worth, the appropriate terms are “lettering” and “stone carving,” or “stone-carved lettering.” 
  • James Wilson
    For further context, this is a relief carved stone (Portland probably) urn that came from an unknown London building. Stylistically it could either be early 18thC or late 19thC. What I would like to establish is whether the flat topped figure 8 is likely to more one than the other.