Hiring Typeface Designer for 3-6 week contract

Seeking a typeface desinger to refine a cartoony english family of fonts  that were created using adobe illustrator and fontself. 

We would be happy for designer to work with our cartoony letter illustrations in fonstelf, glyphs or fontlab. (We used fontself to create first iteration because it was easiest for us).   

Font family will be used in digital formats as titles and lyrics in music videos, learning videos, mobile games, and also in printed materials. 

Applicants must include links to 2+ typfaces created by applicant using Fontself, Glyphs or fontlab, and brief explanation of the projects.

Estimated contract value US$5,000+
(this is to refine a font family that has already been drawn in illustrator and tested in fontself)

Thank you very much.