Fontlab not responding

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I have issue with one font that I'm currently working on. It's not done yet, but I'd like to export it to do some testing, but everytime I try to export it Fontlab stops responding and I just have no other option than shutting it down. I don't experience this problem with any other fonts I'm working on. Does anybody have any clue what this might be? I'm using Fonlab VI.


  • John Hudson
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    I strongly recommend posting your query to the FontLab Forum. You should also open a support ticket.

    Do you have the FontLab VI ‘Output’ panel open? This may provide feedback on the error, although if FL VI stops responding it may do so before it gets to the stage of identifying a problem.

    FL VI was the first version of the new FL platform, and is a lot less stable than FL7, which in turn is less stable than FL8.
  • Your issue is using Fontlab VI. 7 or 8 are a lot better!