Update from Business Letters

Hi everybody. I haven't been around TypeDrawers in a little while, but I thought I'd come back to say hello.

After many years running Typekit and Type at Adobe, I left to start Business Letters, my little outfit for writing and coaching. If you happen to get the print edition of BLAG magazine, I have an article in the latest print edition. 

I've been working on and off for many of the type designers in this forum. Simonson and Newlyn are two who I think aren't ashamed to be associated with me. Hey fellas! 👋

Over the past few years I've worked with many of others who hang around here.

Last year I took another "big tech" corporate job. That took me away from the type business for a while. 

Unluckily, long Covid has got a pretty good grip on me. I'm going to be better suited to the writing and coaching lifestyle for a while. So I'm looking to to turn back to writing and coaching. 

If you need any help with licensing, sales, marketing, business strategy, content creation, or anything other kind of business topic, I'd be happy to help you out.

Here's my web site: http://bizlet.org 

I'd call type a "subspecialty" of my business, so there's only a sprinkling of font-related content on there. 

If you'd like to get in touch I hope I can give a sense of what I do for designers. 

Stay safe and stay well. 



  • Miles Newlyn
    Hey Matthew! 👋
    Very sorry to hear of the long Covid, wishing you the best of health.

    I thoroughly recommend Matthew to anyone thinking of upping their type business, he's a superb coach, and a warm and forgiving person.