Little help with OT substitution exception please?

• calt - substitutes t' t by t.calt t.
• liga - subs t t by t_t
• dlig - subs t y by t_y

The problem is that with all features turned on, sequence t t y gets substituted by t.calt t_y. While I want to have t.calt t y. How do I set an exception? Tried everything I know and failed.


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    Eimantas PaškonisEimantas Paškonis Posts: 91
    edited October 2013
    Oh wow, just seconds after posting I've tried adding ignore sub t.calt t' y' and changing substitution line into sub t' y' by t_y (adding quotes) and it worked.

    And now I can't delete the thread. Sorry...

    Maybe you know why the quotes mattered?
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