A new social network for type people: typo.social (@Mastodon)

Igor PetrovicIgor Petrovic Posts: 238
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I made a quick search on TD / seems this is not mentioned yet / pls delete if it is.

Anyway, I entered my dusty Twitter yesterday and saw a lot of type people migrated to Mastodon (Twitter alternative). Seems like a nice lively community focused on type, unlike any other social network with too many other distractions and ads. The handle of the community is: @typo.social  https://typo.social/

Looks pretty convenient in terms of creating and editing posts. BTW my handle is: @[email protected]  https://typo.social/@Igor_Petrovic


  • John HudsonJohn Hudson Posts: 2,832
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    TypeDrawers messes up Mastodon handles. The URL link for the Typo Social instance is
  • Justin PennerJustin Penner Posts: 48
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    I still reluctantly use Twitter (in addition to Mastodon), now that the type community is split between two platforms.

    But every day Twitter becomes more like a parody of a social network. Last week, Elon reportedly fired an engineer for suggesting that Elon's tweets were falling in popularity. Today they updated the algorithm so that everyone gets Elon's tweets at the top of their timeline even if they don't follow him.
  • I am 98% Mastodon. I only post on Twitter when I feel it is vital to do so, and no longer read it often.

  • I'e been procrastinating joining mastodon for a while but just did.
  • Ale PaulAle Paul Posts: 33
    By some reason I do not receive the authentification email, anybody have experienced the same issue?
  • Tossing my virtual hat in the ring: https://typo.social/@brian_dove_online
  • John HudsonJohn Hudson Posts: 2,832
    @Ale Paul
    By some reason I do not receive the authentification email, anybody have experienced the same issue?
    I don’t recall seeing your sign-up, Ale. Have you contacted the admin?

  • For those not familiar with the Fediverse yet, note that you don’t need to have your account on typo.social in order to interact with folks there. A number of type people have chosen a different home (“instance”). For example, DJR currently is on mastodon.social, Rosetta is on mastodon.design, Bold Monday can be found on mastodon.online, Christoph Koeberlin on mastodon.green, Velvetyne on mamot.fr, etc.

    One thing that’s really neat: you can follow what people on a given instance – say, on typo.social – are writing simply by visiting the public local timeline. You don’t need to have an account on that instance. In fact, you don’t an account at all for that.
  • Ale PaulAle Paul Posts: 33
    @John Hudson that is the screen I have, I never get an email.

  • Ale PaulAle Paul Posts: 33
    edited February 15
    fixed partially, I was able to create an acct here 
    @[email protected]

    but still waiting the typo.social approve...
  • Oh, it was in the Junk Mail...
    BTW, it's easier to change the tiny angry radioactive font than I thought. Just switch away from the «high-contrast» (lol) mode and click the option to use your browser font.
  • Ale PaulAle Paul Posts: 33
    OK, finally here is my typo.social user https://typo.social/@sudtipos
  • I'm on Typo Social as well: https://typo.social/@janipaavola
  • Stephen ColesStephen Coles Posts: 989
    Just an update on typo.social’s growth: There are now 1,487 users (according to instances.social), of which 687 are active (used the server in the last 30 days).
  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 2,586
    Not to mention that is is part of the bigger Fediverse. I am on typo.social but at least half the people I follow are not....
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