My first variable font is out — thank you TD

The release of a new font is not big news on a type design forum. Still, I want to share it, because the knowledge I got here made it possible. This is a big thanks to all the kind, peculiar, and genius people of TypeDrawers.

This is an important moment for me. Ever since 2015 and my first type project, I wanted to complete a full-font family. However, it wasn't an easy task for me. I am of those too-careful and too-systematic guys, who don't deliver much in terms of quantity.

So I picked the small character set and focused on the classic typographic virtues: balance of weight and proportions, consistency of the style, spacing/kerning, well pronunciation of diacritics and punctuation, curve quality, and decent font production and testing.

As for the typeface, it's essentially the display slab serif. But besides its main typology, it incorporates subtle allusions to a spectrum of typographic and visual traditions, from calligraphy, ordinary handwriting, blackletter, and medieval uncial script to the neoclassical Didone and industrial typefaces.

It has wide proportions and mid-to-high contrast. Slab and wedge serifs are applied in parallel, vertical stems are tapered, and the curves are apple-like (the raised center). 
Special attention is given to solving problematic letter pairs through contextual alternates, enabling better spacing and smooth joints.

I spent weeks just for the specimen, falling into a medieval writing workshop atmosphere and listening to quiet lute music.
I really enjoyed it, and the only thing I wanted but haven't designed yet (because I had to set a deadline at some moment) is to set a broadside ballad in my font. Here is the link for the full specimen:

As always, feel free to share your impression, what you like — and maybe more importantly — what you don't, thanks!