adding new encoding slot in fontforge not working

I'm trying to add a custom glyph to a font. I go to Encoding > Add Encoding Slots > press OK for 1 slot. Then I open up the window for the new glyph and I paste the new glyph in there. I generate the font and then I modify my html and write 𐀊 which should refer to the newly-created glyph. But when I run it in the browser it doesn't show (just get the box with a question mark inside it). The way I'm referencing it, using that number, works for all the existing glyphs. So what am I doing wrong / failing to do?


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    Could it be a matter of the defined charset in your html file? Do other glyphs with their unicode greater than 2^16 work? Is your font in Fontforge encoded for a unicode variant that allows more than 2^16 encoding slots at all (unicode-bmp does not)?
    Are you sure, that the private area in unicode-bmp is not more suitable for your needs?
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