Hiring A Freelance Font Developer



I need to hire a Pro Font Developer to update my basic fonts. 

The font developer should be an expert in Fontlab and they should be familiar with submitting fonts to Myfonts and Monotype. This should be an easy font update as the fonts are simple, completed and have already been kerned.

Font updates that are needed are opentype features need to be added, class kerning added, font generating info added, info added so the font doesn’t clip in Microsoft, the font display family menu is correct, all updated fonts works in all major programs, ff ligatures are enabled, licensing EULA/info is added and all fonts are generated into OTF/TTF/WOFF.  

***Updated fonts need to pass all Myfonts requirements.***

Please message me with your hourly rate and your Fontlab/font development experience. I will have ongoing font updates projects like these. I pay by PayPal. 


  • karambir S Rohilla
    I have 27 year experience as a Designer/Typeface developer, Typography with expertise in Latin, Sinhala, Urdu, and All Indian Language Fonts development.

    To develop my career as a Designer/Font Designer where I will be a valuable team member, contributing quality ideas and work for an organization where there is ample scope for individual and organization growth in Font Design and Development.

    We provide service to customize new fonts, design and develop all Indian language & English most authentic digital typeface designs and with built-in typographic refinements like kerning for precise character alignment. We offer Fonts for the PIDS system . Font format Unicode