Content Creators Coalition

Is anybody in the type world involved in the Content Creators Coalition? Normally I would write this kind of thing off as internet wankery, but David Byrne brought CCC up in an editorial published by The Guardian.


  • Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,455
    First I've heard of it.
  • Ben BlomBen Blom Posts: 250
    I am not involved in CCC, and I guess most font makers are not (yet).

    Though it is, in a way, off-topic, I think that David Byrne's editorial is relevant for font makers. It has been discussed before — whether or not a future in which most fonts are served from the cloud by a Spotify-like subscription service, is a good thing for font makers. The pro and contra arguments from those discussions can be found in David Byrne's editorial. I think Byrne's case against a Spotify-like subscription service is convincing. Only the owners of such a service, and the most successful content creators which participate in it, will receive a significant financial return from it — everyone else will not.

    My conclusion is: If you, as a font maker, participate in a very big Spotify-like subscription service for fonts which are served from the cloud, both as webfonts and desktop fonts — you may be supporting the establishment of a monopoly-like service which will, in time, cannibalize the revenues from your other sales channels.
  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 2,058
    Fonts are software.
    The CCC doesn’t appear to include that under its umbrella.
    As part-tool, part content, fonts have been able to avoid many of the problems that beset other royalty-based passive income creative “products”, specifically pictures and music.
    However, Ben may be right about the cannibalizing.
  • Fonts are software.
    The CCC doesn’t appear to include that under its umbrella.
    Software or not, fonts are creative works embodied as digital files, which are increasingly being served from the cloud en masse instead of being purchased separately. The parallels with songs and the music industry are hard to miss.

    Maybe the CCC doesn't include fonts under its umbrella because no font-makers have come forward asking to take part.
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