Monotype takes too long to review fonts?

Hello Type Drawers,

I would like to know any one of you has ever experienced a delay in getting their fonts reviewed on Monotype? Mine is taking over 10 days now and no response? 

Thanks in advance!


  • K PeaseK Pease Posts: 177
    Where to begin, buddy. My recommendation is to wait one month to be sure they've forgotten you before bothering them about it. An outsourced chat agent will take your case, and in another week they will either launch it or tell you it's your fault.
    To publish any faster than that, you need to have no warnings from their automated checker.
  • To me it always happened that:
    - the font was approved in less than a week, and I received the typical mail that in 24 hours it will be released
    - then nothing happened until I contacted the support team (usually after 2-3 weeks)
    - their reply was fast (1-2 days), telling me that unfortunately the font stuck somewhere in the release process
    - to solve the problem at least about a week or more was needed
    - but sadly, when released, the font had the old date of when it was approved, so it didn't appear in the "What's New" section and I lost the initial little wave of visibility (except once in which I got a font in the "Staff Picks")

    All of that happened before the Monotype website's back-end changes. I mean, the support team was good, but their website had obvious problems.

    However now I haven't been able to submit a new font since last spring because of the renovation of their website.

    I still get the "500. Well, that didn’t work." page. How can you submit a new font / modify existing ones?  :o
  • Michael RafailykMichael Rafailyk Posts: 94
    edited November 2022
    I still get the "500. Well, that didn’t work." page.

    @Marco Pezzotta Today they will release an update to fix that error.

  • @Michael Rafailyk Great news! After many months I will finally be able update my foundry.
    Thank you very much for advising me :smiley:
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