A humanist grotesque (sic!)



  • Christian ThalmannChristian Thalmann Posts: 1,880
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    Hm, still too funky. Maybe I should just try to darken the contact corner of /K/ a bit, perhaps with a straight linking segment, and leave it at that. After all, Bree gets away with straight capitals as well.
    How do you like the spurless /G/?
  • I rolled all humanist caps back to the default except for the spurless /G/, slightly stronger-jointed /K/, and round-topped /Germandbls/. I think it works this way. The original design concept was a humanist-flavored neogrotesque, so it should remain a neogrotesque first and foremost.

    Pure neogrotesque in comparison:

  • Wouldn't the 'humanist' caps also work fine with the neogrotesque lowercase?
  • I suppose I could adopt the new /K/ as the default (and only) /K/, given that the thinning in the original /K is somewhat eyecatching. Then the /G/ would be the only change.
    There's some pressure in the German forum to promote the round /G/ to default and use the spurred /G/ as an alternate, but I still think the spur adds to the neogrotesque-ness and the round shape matches the increased roundness of the humanist lowercase...
  • Christian ThalmannChristian Thalmann Posts: 1,880
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    I've finally found enough contiguous minutes of leisure time to look at this again. I'm currently struggling with the /five/ — the /S/ was easy in comparison!

    And I've revisited the /Germandbls/, going back to my beloved Dresden/Zürich. The flat-topped previous version just irritated me with its «ski-jump ramp» optical illusion and the clipped corner.

  • jeremy tribbyjeremy tribby Posts: 179
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    I think the five can have a little more angle on the vertical stroke, and the horizontal stroke at the top can come in a little bit at the right. the joint between the vertical stroke and the bowl can be more pronounced, with the vertical stroke going down lower before making the loop, I think - maybe it’s just me but the way you’ve minimized the overlap there makes it appear more DIN-like to me. but, you could also lean into that aesthetic even more and go in the other direction..
  • I noticed both Helvetica and Arial have a surprisingly strongly sloped stem — wouldn't have thought! Univers is more vertical and closed, but frankly all of them are pretty ugly up close. I rather like the overall shape I came up with, but the joint is a bit unhappy. It's just that things turn worse as soon as I try to simplify or angle it...
  • Figures so far:

  • Craig EliasonCraig Eliason Posts: 1,347
    Horizontal of /two reads as too light to me, like it might break under the weight of the rather heavy looking spine. /seven horizontal might be too skinny by a hair too. 
  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 2,584
    Given the construction of the 3, 5 and S (and 6 and 9), the bottom-center terminal of the cap Eszett seems like it should not have an angled cut. Kind of feels like it ought to be cut vertically.

    Alternatively, change the 3 and 5 to match the Eszett, making the whole thing a bit more humanist.
  • Thomas, I tried a vertical cut first and got an unpleasant flaring illusion from it... now that I've tried again, I no longer see the illusion, so this is definitely the right way to go. Thanks!
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