Boilerplate EULA for Newb Mods

Michelle WebsterMichelle Webster Posts: 4
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Longtime lurker, first time poster - working on my first commercial release. I'm searching for a nice boilerplate EULA to modify. Of the many EULA docs online, is there one that makes a better starting point?
I'm familiar with licensing arrangements and drafting basic legal docs for other creative assets - while this should be useful experience, TBH I'm a bit lost.  
So appreciate all the wisdom and discussion on this forum. I've been searching on these threads weekly at least. Looking forward to being a useful community member once I learn some things, but meanwhile, thanks. =)


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    @Michelle Webster. I don't think there is a genuine boiler plate.  I always tell everyone they are welcome to use and modify mine so long as they put their own letterhead on it and understand that you are making it your own.  So, I do suggest running it past a lawyer, I can't make any guarantees about it.  
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    Note: Joyce manages Darden Studio, so that is the EULA in question.
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    @JoyceKetterer awesome thank you so much - understand completely there are no guarantees with any doc, particularly if lawyers and such come into play. But your EULA is no doubt pretty solid ;) Much appreciated.   
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    JoyceKettererJoyceKetterer Posts: 793
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    @Michelle Webster Such as it is.  It's opinionated in its own way.  there' no such thing as a standard.

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