This is a lie

>>5. You are free to leave, but not free to change the history of a discussion.
If you want to leave TypeDrawers, you can do so by contacting a moderator. Your account will then be set to "inactive" and your posts will remain.<<

Given my recent experience with TypeDrawers I can say this is a lie. 


  • You asked for your content to be deleted. The rule came into effect after that.
  • James MontalbanoJames Montalbano Posts: 78
    edited September 2022
    That is not how I remember my request. I was quite shocked to see my content removed as well as my account/profile.
  • If a user wishes to have their posts and profile removed is that possible? And is it a moderator that can do that? Just asking the question.
  • I would show you the messages but they're deleted. 

    Now that we have this rule, we can delete a user but we will keep their posted content. It would just say [Deleted User] as the post author. I think only the admin has delete authority, not the moderators.
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