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I've used FontExplorer X (Mac) for font management and testing since it came out - and now it's been bought by Monotype only to retire it. Thanks Monotype.
It's been perfect for testing fonts - uninstalling and reinstalling updated fonts without issue or difficulty. I particularly liked the drag and drop feature - and the speed at which adding and removing fonts was first and foremost. Not to mention the organisational features. Can anyone recommend an app that does the same? Fontbook just won't do - So far I have tried Fontbase, FontAgent, Rightfont - none compare. Suggestions please? Thank you!


  • “Now it’s been bought by Monotype”? That was 2006, so 16 years ago that Monotype bought Linotype and acquired FontExplorer.

    The other major font management app is Extensis Connect Fonts, formerly Extensis Suitcase. It is now subscription-only, $108/year.
  • “Now it’s been bought by Monotype”? That was 2006, so 16 years ago that Monotype bought Linotype and acquired FontExplorer.

    True but the "now" here might have been intended to link to Monotype sunsetting the software, which was much more recent news.
  • I personally stopped using font managers 10+ years ago, and never felt the need to go back. Instead I manage my fonts directly in the Fonts folder of my library and it works fine.
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    Same here. I keep my library of fonts very organized. When I want to install a font, I copy it from this library to my user Fonts folder. I keep an alias to it in the Finder sidebar for easy access. Note: Fonts can be kept in folders and subfolders in the Fonts folder, enabling whatever organizational system you want (by client, by job, by genre, etc.). When I want to uninstall a font, I just delete it. 

    I do also use Font Book sometimes as a way to disable fonts that I wish to keep in the Fonts folder. I also use the collections feature in Font Book as another way to organize installed fonts. Collections show up in the system Font Panel in apps that use it. I have nearly 600 fonts installed, so this can be handy.
  • beta just added variable fonts support

  • TypefaceApp looks nice, but who is behind it? If I enter into an EULA, I’d at least like to know who the other party is ;)
  • Not sure, sorry
  • The developer of Typeface is Floor van Steeg.
  • These are all excellent suggestions! I have downloaded Typeface , so far so good! If all else fails I will get into do the old fashioned manual font to fonts folder thing so save my nerves. Thanks so much all!
  • I'm the developer of Typeface app :) Quick addition to Dave's comment: Typeface has been supporting variable fonts for some time now since v3 (early 2021) — the latest beta adds support for syncing variable Google Fonts.

    Manually managing fonts or using Font Book is fine for most. Font managers like Typeface just offer more benefits to your design process. Typeface app allows you to visually browse through your library and inspect font capabilities (OpenType features / variable axes / character support) in more detail. And it provides better organisational features (nested tags / inverted tags / multi tagging etc.).

    For example: if you organise font files in Finder they can only be in one folder at a time. Whereas with tags (collections) you can add fonts to multiple tags, e.g. sans serif + fun + project/abc + favourite. There are much more possibilities and not everyone needs all these extra features, but they can considerably improve your workflow.
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