Practica: 6-week and 18-week type design courses, online

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Our type design program is now two complementary courses, Practica One and Two, that can be taken back-to-back or separately, totaling 24 weeks in all (with a nice break in between).

Find all the details plus tuition on our website:

Practica One: Mechanics

— Live, online
— 6 weeks
— Starting Nov 8, 2022

Practica Two: Expansion
— Live, online
— 18 weeks
— Starting Jan 19, 2023

Practica One focuses on getting your foundation in order and learning about spacing, proofing, drawing with Béziers, making optical corrections and more. Practica Two goes deeper, focusing on building a more reflective type design process and expanding your typeface into a multi-weight family via interpolation.

Both courses are taught by professional type designers who will give you personal feedback. You will also enjoy visiting lecturers and critics from some of your favorite type designers.

Enrollment and applications are now open!
Early bird discounts are available for both courses until October 9, 2022.

- - Work study opportunity
- -
We have one spot in this edition available in exchange for up to three hours of administrative work per week (student pays no further tuition). Duties include uploading videos, sending out emails to visiting instructors, and other small tasks related to the operation of the program. Find out more about the work study position.

Not sure?

Schedule a 10-minute chat with the lead instructors about either course, the work study position or just to get to know the instructors.


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    Nicole Dotin Posts: 19
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    The deadline to apply for the Practica Program work study position is this Sunday, October 9.

    A quick reminder about the work study position ... in exchange for three hours of work per work, the work study pays no further tuition and participates as a full student in both Practica One and Two. Feel free to email us if you have questions!