Is there a way to edit posts?

J. Bridges
J. Bridges Posts: 91
edited September 2022 in Suggestions and Bug Reports
Is there a way to edit posts? I often screw up but I have not figured out how to edit or delete a post. Maybe I am stupid.


  • George Thomas
    Upper right-hand corner of your posts is an option symbol; click on it.
  • Thomas Phinney
    Importantly, one only has a limited time to edit posts, I think it is four hours.
    After that, an administrator can still do it for you, if there is some really pressing reason. But you can’t do it yourself.
  • J. Bridges
    Thanks. Mostly I just want to fix typos.
  • Eris Alar
    [mod hat] if you find an error after the 4 hours, feel free to message me and I will look at it. I’ve helped a couple of people with similar issues.