Affiliate program for Extensis

Is something else already received this offer from Extensis ? If so, did you subscribe to this service
What are the pros and cons for that Extensis Affiliate program? Your advices or comments will be greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance.


  • I had not seen this before.

    Seems pretty straightforward. Lovely that they are not charging foundries for it or taking any commission. Of course, you are in effect adding functionality to their program, but since that includes a “buy” link for your font, it is pretty much a win/win situation, no?

    Unless you dislike the company or the font management app they provide, seems like an easy “yes.”
  • Stephen ColesStephen Coles Posts: 974
    edited August 2022
    Very interesting! Hopefully Extensis Connect will offer a semi-competitive alternative for the in-situ font previewing offered by Adobe Fonts (and, now, formerly Linotype Font Explorer).
  • BTW, unless I understand it wrong, Extensis Connect is a totally separate thing from their affiliate program. I don’t see any connection between the two things.
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