Haebler's Italian type-specimens from 1470 to 1500

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Awesome specimens from the earliest printed books.

"Conrad Haebler was one of the great scholars on incunabula - the earliest printed books.
He published sets of pages cut from incunabula in an edition of about 100 copies so that the printing types of a wide range of printers could be studied in detail."

Pre-Jenson, Jenson, and a lot more... Enjoy!


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    I have mixed feelings about this. One one hand, the thought of someone chopping up incunabula is horrifying. On the other hand, when I have pulled incunabula at libraries some have been untouched for a decade or more, are too large or bound too rightly to easily read from, are are often books that have either been published countless times or are crap nobody has read since the proofreaders. At least chopping them up makes them useful.
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