What after exporting instances?

If one has completely designed multiple masters font, with defined instances and prepared for the export (checked for nodes at extremes, curve direction, spacing, kerning, OT features, and all that is to be done in the main project), what else is left to be done after exporting instances and before publishing it.

For now, I only see removing contour overlaps :) Is that basically all?



  • It depends on what route you take to export your instances. FontCreator allows you to export your instances and optionally removes overlap on the fly.

    It is always wise to double-check your exported fonts to see if they work as intended.
  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,970
    Generate the fonts with overlaps removed (Glyphs, FontLab, and Font Creator can do this so you can preserve overlaps in your masters). Then do the following:
    • Open every font in your font editor and inspect every glyph for problems. 
    • Print every font in your kerning proof and look for problems.
    • Test to be sure that the fonts install correctly on Mac and Windows.
    • Test to be sure that the fonts work in Adobe apps and MS Office.
  • Igor PetrovicIgor Petrovic Posts: 263
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    Thanks @James Puckett.

    How long does this part take for you usually? For a font of ~400 glyphs and the usual set of instances (9 IIRC). I know it varies but is it in terms of hours or days :)

    Also, I have no reliable personal kern proof. Because I didn't study occurrences of various combinations in various languages. I found this one on PangramPangram foundry site:


    And this one on Typefacts:


    Do you think these could work? I have a relatively small set covering basic Latin and I thought it's easier to kern "all vs all" letters (or classes), then numbers vs numbers, some most important punctuation, etc. than to devise detailed and reliable kern proof. I am also considering outsourcing kerning part, still haven't made decision.

  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,970
    Try the Indesign file I use to proof kerning, it’s in my Github repository of proofing documents. It’s thorough. 
  • Thanks!
  • Simon CozensSimon Cozens Posts: 724
    Run it through fontbakery.
  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,970
    Also, be sure to review your masters and exported fonts with the Show Red Arrows plugin (works in Glyphs and Robofont). 
  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,970
    Also, I have a revised and bigger kern proof that I can email you. Just send me your email address in a private message.
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