Features, Fatal Error at line 0?

Russell McGormanRussell McGorman Posts: 261
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Puzzled by this... Where is line 0? (FontLab 7)

I guess there is an @ someplace it shouldn't be... but

[F] invalid token (text was "@)
[F] Fatal error in font "/Users/rm/Documents/!OHG work/Silex/22_working file/SB-M-05-19-2250/Slx-MM.vfc" in file "features" at line 0


  • k.l.k.l. Posts: 106
    Missing "languagesystem [script] [language]" statements maybe?
  • Hmm... I'll check them. Thanks.

    But line zero? I like to think error message mean something, even if they're often overly  cryptic. (to me at least)
  • A class without a name?
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