Geom-New geometric font

i am posting my new font which you can see in the link below:

Geom, is a contemporary geometric sans serif typeface. It has 7 weights. This typeface is intended for display purposes but it works just as well in small texts. Even though the geometric typefaces look more dynamic in relation with the rest of the typefaces, Geom has gone one step further by having an even more additional dynamic characteristics on some of its characters. The typeface is a variable font which includes a Latin and Greek character set.


  • Thanos Poulakidas
    I am posting the new link as the font has gone under some modifications and addition of some more glyphs.

  • Thomas Phinney
    Thomas Phinney Posts: 2,785
    edited July 2022
    For some reason the “fonts” folder is in the “sources” folder. That’s not quite right, it should be in the main directory. I’ll make this and other comments on the Github issue, though.