Beginner type design workshops coming to Seattle, Dublin, Chicago and Boston

Cities, dates, instructors and hosting schools listed below.

Seattle Sep 19–21 (Thomas Phinney, Eben Sorkin, special guest John Hudson, at Seattle Central Community College)
Dublin Oct 4–6 (Thomas Phinney, Dave Crossland, possibly Aoife Mooney, at Dublin Institute of Technology)
Chicago Nov 16–17 (Eben Sorkin, Octavio Pardo, possibly more, at Harrington College)
Boston Nov 22–24 (Eben Sorkin, Octavio Pardo, possibly more, at Boston University)

These are three-day intro type design workshops for complete beginners, taught by the Crafting Type anarcho-syndicalist collective. Each workshop is taught by a team of two or three (occasionally four) instructors to provide a variety of viewpoints and feedback.

The workshops are sponsored by FontLab, FontForge and the TeX Users Group.

Previous workshops have included Edmonton, Kiev, Lviv, Boston, Chicago, Portland, New York City, and Singapore.

More details at: http://craftingtype.com
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