Transforming/editing glyphs with fonttools?

Hello everyone!

I'm diving back into fonttools again and am wondering if there is a way to transform/edit glyphs with fonttools. Here are some examples of workflows I'd want to be able to do:
  • Scale all the glyphs in a font horizontally to 125% width. (Yes, I know this is a type crime, but this is for an experiment, not production use.)
  • Find all points touching (or close to) the baseline and shift them down by 10 units.
  • etc.
I browsed the fonttools API this morning and found the pen classes, but those seem to be for drawing glyphs from scratch as far as I can tell. Does fonttools support editing glyphs as I've described? If so, are there any examples out there? I searched this morning but couldn't find anything, which led me to ask here.


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