Diacritic Kerning Pairs

Has anyone ever had to deal with diacritic kerning pairs? I made this HTML to copy-paste any case and adjust it manually. Is there any other method? I'm working with Fontlab, I don't know if copying the kerning options of each vowel or consonant that has an accent and applying them to the accented character. The truth is that I'm a little dizzy with so many strange diacritical accents.


  • John Hudson
    John Hudson Posts: 3,017
    The majority of diacritic kerning can be achieved with class-based kerning. So e.g. put all your a+mark diacritics in the same 1st and 2nd glyph classes as your lowercase a.

    You will need to proof the class kerning and define exceptions for some pairs. The usual ones that need exceptions are some diacritics—especially i+mark—after F T V W Y and f.

    Some pairs of diacritics also need kerning in some languages. Again, the narrower i+mark diacritics are the ones mostly likely to need attention.
  • Alex Visi
    Alex Visi Posts: 185
    You can also save yourself a lot of time going through proofs if you filter out unnecessary pairs. Zero users need kerned á´ or á, but they clutter your lists.