Fontmake Error: Expected glyph class name

Hi everyone! 

As mentioned in the title, I am trying to export a variable font using the terminal and Fontmake but this error is still giving me a problem. 

fontmake: Error: In 'Desktop/OTWalla/DesignSpace-UFO/OT_Walla.designspace': Generating fonts from Designspace failed: /Users/David/Desktop/OTWalla/DesignSpace-UFO/masters/OTWalla-Black.ufo/features.fea:3:1: Expected glyph class name

Does anyone have any idea?

At the moment there are no features or any OpenType options on the font.




  • What does line 3 of the mentioned file say?
  • Hello Simon, 

    If we talk about features there is non on it, on Prefix, there is only this three line.
  • David MassaraDavid Massara Posts: 6
    edited April 2022
    Okay, I find the problem and the solution! it's from the .smcp in the font, when I delete them it works but when they're in the font I have this automatic feature code that apparently is the problem. There was a glyph tag in them, after deleting all of it, it works fine! 

  • Something is generating invalid class names.

    @(+ isn't a valid name. You've also got a few class names in there with accented characters which may or may not be valid depending on the software.
  • It feels like some message got turned into class names "(+ les autres sur la ..."
  • Dave CrosslandDave Crossland Posts: 1,325
    You can also try posting on the fontmake issue tracker and fontlab forum
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