Bloated Serif With Sharp Terminals

Khai Quang Nguyen
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Hi everybody, here is a display typeface (named Thecoa) that I've been working on since November 2021. 

As I first got interested in type design during a Typography course only about a year ago, this is by far the longest, most ambitious type project I've been on. I want to become a type designer. This typeface is that challenge I've set out for myself to learn and experiment more. 

The overall mood for Thecoa is Fun & Friendly & Witty.
The references are Cooper Black, Decoy and Doyle. Along my process, I study these 3 types a lot.

So far, I have done:
(1) - All uppercase and lowercase (Medium Weight) - which comes in spacing string in my Proof attached below.
(2) - All 10 Proportional Lining Numbers
(3) - All Vietnamese diacritics
(4) - Demos for all fonts (6 Weights, 2 Styles)
(5) - All lowercase for Light Weight - which comes in spacing string in my Proof attached below.

I would love to receive your feedbacks and suggestions on my progress so far with Thecoa. 
Thanks a lot in advance.


  • AbiRasheed
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    Got no feedbacks or suggestions, sorry. But I like what I'm seeing. Unfortunately typedrawers has no "Like" button and "insightful" or "Agree" doesn't cut it so I've had to leave this comment. Consider the "insightful" as a like. 
  • K Pease
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    Good design! There are just some weight differences to be worked out among the Medium capitals. For instance, X is comparatively heavy. And is Q actually bolder than O?
  • Craig Eliason
    Craig Eliason Posts: 1,413
    /a feels wide to me. Top terminals of /C /G /S could be a bit more “serif-y.” Conversely leg of /K could have a softer treatment. The downward top terminal of /five feels odd to me and makes the figure quite /S-ish.