Make One Meaningful Sentence in your Language & Win Two Dynamic Arabic Fonts

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Hi Dear Friends,

Pleased to launch Contest 16 March 2022

That's right: A sentence in which five (5) consecutive words share the same letter like (M) as seen by the five (5) underlined words in this Quranic verse that says:

It was said, O Noah! Disembark in peace from Us and with [Our] blessings upon you and upon nations [to descend] from those who are with you, and nations whom We shall provide for, then a painful punishment from Us shall befall them. [Glorious Quran 11:48]
The Prize: The coming soon fonts that are going to be shown by our PC-Android application "Quran Hoda version 3".

The winner is the first to post his/her Meaningful Sentence here.

All the Best for All with Flowers


  • That's trivial! I think you'll find that a group of critics and scholars from Paris (Oulipo) did a similar task; similar in a way, but you might say that it was in an almost totally backwards fashion. What's particularly surprising is that an author from Oulipo could maintain it not just for a quick post, as I am doing, but for substantial durations - a full book, in fact! (My copy is known as "A Void" - giving a hint that it is about a lacuna, a missing thing.) Can you follow what I'm talking about?
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    This seems a lot easier in a non-root system language and a writing system in which vowels are also letters. In English it is pretty trivial even for repeated sequences of two letters and limiting the sentence to only five words, e.g. Imagine making mints in India.
  • Can you follow what I'm talking about?
    Avoiding /e/?
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