Merge two font files with their names and unicode in fontlab

How can I merge two fonts? so glyphs those aren't exist in the first font file, and available in second one, can be merged into the first one 
with their names and Unicode?
for example:
I have two Latin font weights in the same family.. and i drew Arabic glyphs in one of them..
ho can I copy the Arabic glyphs to the other font file with their names and Unicode?


  • Note that the FontLab forum is the best place for such questions.

    Are you using FontLab 7? The easiest way to do this is to copy all the glyphs you want in the font window of one font, and then go to the target font, right click in the font window, and select Append Glyphs. This will copy the new glyphs into the target font. If any glyphs with the same names are in both fonts, the new ones copied in will have .1 added to their name, and this makes it easy to identify and select them. FL7 will copy over most glyph data for the appended glyphs, including Unicode encoding so long as that is not a duplicate of mappings that already exist in the target font. Note that glyphs will be appended with their layer info from the source font, so if the layers are not named the same way in both fonts that will need to be sorted out. Note also that OpenType glyph definition class is not correctly copied so e.g. if you have glyphs categorised as ‘Mark’ in the source font, you will need to manually set that for the appended glyphs.

    Thanks a lot u saved me ♥♥♥
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