Introducing Fluid Interface Licensing

We (Darden Studio) have just gone live with a new kind of licensing on our website! We've been beta testing it with customers for about two years.  The fluid interface addendum is for customers who have a website and an application that are accessed by the same pool of registered users. Online banking is a perfect example. In that case, the exact same pool of registered users accesses the interface through both the website and the app (as convenience dictates). In these cases, issuing both an app and a web license would be double counting the users. The pricing metric is Average Monthly Active Registered Users.  

This is a natural extension of our existing protocols.  Unlike Monotype, we do not get all weird about webapps.  We simply license a webapp using our web embedding license document and our app embedding pricing tables.  From there, it's easy to start thinking about the other ways in which there is overlap between websites and applications.  
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