Superfluous extra space inserted automatically

Florian Pircher
Florian Pircher Posts: 176
edited January 2022 in Suggestions and Bug Reports
Sometimes this happens inline (Comment_56232), sometimes it breaks a paragraph (Comment_56515). I have seen such cases more and more over the last month.

This is what happens when editing such a post:


  • John Savard
    John Savard Posts: 1,107
    Odd. I know when viewing threads here, I've often seen an enormous amount of extra space... always in the first post of a thread, and nowhere else.
  • Saurabh Sharma
    Saurabh Sharma Posts: 23
    edited January 2022
    This is actually happening due to a CSS clear float display table property on the last child (DOM element) of the message block. In the example mentioned by @Florian Pircher, the last child is the bold tag (b). There is an :after pseudo selector which has a display property set to "table" in CSS. This is causing the large empty space.

    So if the bold tag wasn't there in the last point (#4), the text would have resided on the same line. Maybe this could be fixed by reporting in the Vanilla Forums discussion page.

    Edit: The huge empty space is due to the display: table property, and the next lines after a bold numeral is due to the clear float.
  • James Hultquist-Todd
    Thank you @Saurabh Sharma. I’ll submit this to Vanilla and see what they suggest.
  • Saurabh Sharma
    @James Hultquist-Todd, if the Admin or Webmaster has access to the style.css file, adding this CSS snippet will fix the issue:

    .userContent.Message > *:last-child::after {
        display: unset !important;
        clear: none !important;

    This shall be added at the end of style.css file.
  • Thomas Phinney
    I have had this experience as well!
  • Stephen Coles
    Thank you, @Saurabh Sharma! I made the edit and that seems to fix it.