Question from graphic design student about Indesign - Italics - GREP

Hi everyone,

Been learning lots from you guys just from reading the forum. 

Due to corona restrictions most classes are cancelled...this makes it hard to have some of my design questions answered.

I'm doing a book layout with no images, only text...what i would like to do is put everything that is between parenthesis in italics. It would be almost impossible to do it manually since there is so much text between parenthesises.

Is there a way to do this by using GREP styles? If yes, could someone please explain on how to do this and what to do exactly.

Just to make it clear i have for example: 

(Selassie et al., 2008) i want to change it to (Selassie et al., 2008)

All help would be really appreciated

Thank you everybody



  • Mike Wenzloff
    Sure--but at the same time I would encourage you to join InDesign Secrets Facebook group and or The Treasures of GREP Facebook group.



  • Florian
    Hi Mike,

    Thank you so much for helping me out. It worked.

    I really appreciate the help!!

    I don't own a facebook account but sure sound like an interesting group. Thank you for the tip Mike.

    Kind regards and hope you have a nice weekend.
  • Mike Wenzloff
    You're most welcome.
  • Vasil Stanev
    It was very helpful to me too. Warm thanks!

  • Joshua Langman
    Joshua Langman Posts: 65
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    The classic resource for questions like this is Peter Kahrel's book GREP in InDesign. Highly recommended for anyone doing sophisticated digital typesetting.