Font Radar, "Find where your fonts are used and retrieve illegal licenses"

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Font Radar scans more than 20k new websites every day and monitors 98 000 fonts from 650 foundries worldwide.
Our proprietary algorithm will identify if your fonts are used on any of them. Even if the font file is renamed, the metadata cleared, or even the character table subsetted, we'll still be able to identify your fonts.

We'll help you contact the website creators/owners to check licenses' validity and try to find an arrangement if you witness an infraction.

If the violators don't want to settle, we'll work with your lawyers (or provide one) to bring it to the court.

I came across this project but can't find any information about it. Is anybody here familiar with it?

Having dabbled with something similar, I'm impressed by them having access to nearly 100.000 fonts. The scanning and fingerprinting are relatively straightforward from a technical perspective, but to recognise a font you'd have to somehow compare it to the original font. I figured if 650 foundries would be in on this, there'd be more to be found about this project online.

I see the address is the same as Font Ninja,, so my guess is they're sharing the library.

Is anyone here sharing their fonts? Or have an idea of how effective this service is? On paper it looks like something many folks here would appreciate, after reading about previous projects like TypeSnitch on this forum.


  • Hi Roel, yes, I am using Font Radar with all its capabilities. It is very effective at seeking sites that use your fonts – it is particularly good when discovering fonts that have been renamed to (attempt to) avoid licensing them legally. I have also been amazed at the amount of OTF fonts that are uploaded to websites.

    Font Radar also makes it very easy to contact these individuals and companies so that you can discuss correcting their font licensing. You can keep track of cases easily and filter out legitimate instances swiftly. The whole site is beautifully put together and works efficiently and effectively. Once you are in dialogue with an individual or company, I have found that they either remove the fonts or obtain a licence within 24 hours. 

    I would recommend Font Radar to every type designer and foundry.
  • Hi!

    Thanks @Paulo Goode :)

    @Roel Nieskens let me know if you have any questions, I'll be glad to answers them (althought I won't be able to share all our tricks ;) )

  • @Axel CORJON Seeing this black box, what questions could anyone possibly have...
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    Is Font Radar just a tool for collecting email addresses?  I followed the link with a view to monitoring partial clones of my fonts or finding out how much it would cost, and I couldn't get past a request for my email address.
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    I’ve been in contact with Alex, and have viewed a video explaining their service. I can sort of see why they don’t just make the information public: they provide a service that helps foundries to identify unlicensed usage and pursue DMCA notices and/or payment, so explaining in public how they do that might provide clues to others how to avoid such detection. This is a service specifically for foundries, so it makes sense that it is communicated only and directly to foundries.
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