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1、FM2 can't work normally. On IMAC (retina 5K, 27 inch, 2020) and system version 12.1, there will be a delay in mouse movement and strokes;(Other computers can work normally);
2、The IB font is normal in FM2. After exporting TTF and OTF, the font strokes are broken.
3、Fold tools repair IB cannot be folded, II yes;
4、FM2 cannot save small files. For example, a large file has 1000 glyphs, only 10 of which have been changed. If you only want to save 10 glyphs, you cannot save them;
5、 Fm2 if the file is opened without modification, the file date will change, which is not conducive to viewing the backup file. It should be modified so that the file date will change only when the file is  
changed and saved;
6、Digitize tool adds single line extended contour stroke function; If you draw  a single line with pen tool in Adobe Illustrator, you can use the extension function under the object menu to expand it into outline glyphs;(The new glyphs3 already supports this function;);
7、When the rounding tool repairs.ib, it will become an ellipse instead of a circle, and there are many nodes. The node attributes of all glyphs will automatically become corners. For example, the rounded corner changed by the rounding tool is shown in the figure above; The following is the rounded corner in Adobe Illustrator. I hope it can be improved;

I like FM2 software very much. It's easy to use. There are many other questions that can be fed back. The above questions are for reference.
I'm looking forward to the new version of FM2.
Friends who use DTL foundrymaster (FM2) and DTL otmaster (OTM) are also welcome to communicate with me about the use of the software;





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    As you may know, the DTL font tools are primarily developed for internal use and thus mainly adapted to our needs. We provide the tools as they are to the type community and it is always possible that some functionality available in other tools, such as ‘stroke-expansion’, is simply missing. Often such functionality is available in other (batch-command) tools that we use internally, for example from the old IKARUS V6 suite. While we sometimes transfer such batch functionality to the end-user market tools (such as Intelligent Scaling and Stem Adjustment in FM2), there will undoubtedly always be something to be desired.

    DTL FoundryMaster Glyph Editor

    It is not surprising that we use the tools, such as FM2, on a daily basis. That said, I am not familiar with most of the issues you raise here. However, it is true that reading a glyph database file will change the modification date by definition. For the rest, it cannot be ruled out that you are using an older version of FM2 (there have been many editions in the past seven years). The most recent version is 7.6Qt5_64 built_Oct_13_2021.

    DTL FoundryMaster Preferences

    As for the rounding tool, all values can be changed. This does not guarantee that the result will be considered perfect and it remains possible that another tool will do more as one prefers. The refinement of the conversion from cubic to quadratic Bézier can be controlled in the Preferences. It is always advisable to sort out the inflection points before this conversion, but I am not sure if the problem you mention is related to this. By the way, we use QQ/IQ databases for the TrueType production.

    DTL Glyph Database Formats

    It is quite possible that the majority of TD-forum members are not familiar with the glyph-database formats you mention. For example, IB is our internal 4-byte cubic Bézier format and II is the 4-byte IKARUS format. Hopefully the image above explains things. However, FM2 also supports the UFO format.
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    Hi Mr. Blokland,
    Thank you for your answer. I see.
    I'm always used to recording some problems and thinking about some new functions when using software, so there may be a lot of problems, but it's not FM2 itself.
    I used multiple font software, but I'm still used to using FM2, so I hope the function will be more perfect in future versions.
    thank you

    I use translation tools to communicate with you. Please forgive me for the improper translation.
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