Warez Traps? I thought we were done with these . . .

Stuart Sandler
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What's this all about? http://clearfont.biz/


  • Chris Lozos
    What is the deal here? These look like all the current new fonts on MyFonts (including mine). Is this a MyFonts marketing arm?
  • James Puckett
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    I tend not to worry about the affiliate program scammers. They’re better at SEO than the pirate sites. These guys and the fake torrent sites that only serve malware make a it lot harder for people to find a working link for pirate downloads.
  • Ralf
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    Is this a MyFonts marketing arm?
    It's the standard affiliate program, anyone can use, even yourself. If you are directing customers from your own site (or Twitter/Flickr/Facebook ...) to the MyFonts sale, you get some extra percents.