Subcontractor/Supplier licensing

How usual is it for a custom font license for a large organisation to include distribution of the font to suppliers for use in work relating to the licensee?

I would like to include this right in a license, but am running into problems concerning liability. The licensee does not want to be liable for their distributors, and I don't see a way to have the distributors agree to the license terms unless I build a custom part of my website for that.

I've seen license wording such as "You must ensure that any Subcontractor has read and agreed to the terms of this Agreement before receiving the Fonts" but this places a large degree of liability on the licensee, and in real world terms in not workable.


  • JoyceKettererJoyceKetterer Posts: 766
    edited December 2021
    Nothing is either common nor uncommon in fonts.  I'd be happy to explain how I handle this but am suffering from knitters' elbow and can't do a lot of typing today.  Call me?
  • Thank you @JoyceKetterer for helping me with this. x
  • KP MawhoodKP Mawhood Posts: 294
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    @Miles Newlyn You're right that it's rarely workable for licensees needing wide-scale distribution, but there are solutions for small-scale (e.g. freelancers, contractors, small agencies). That said, I can only give the buyer-side perspective… not seller-side.
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