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Hi everyone,
Need an advice.
What if a company - a publishing house - buys a font (on MyFonts with their desktop license) and wants to use it as it's logo which would appear on all the books. Is, normally, the desktop license would be enough for the purpose? Is this case considered as a "product for sale" or it is a plain and simple "use for logo" case, or perhaps something else? It's easy for companies that do not sale products with their logo on but not that clear for this particular use. 


  • You’d have to consult the license for the specific font. https://www.myfonts.com/help/#logo-licensing
  • John HudsonJohn Hudson Posts: 2,973
    As Craig says, check the specific font license, as they may vary. That said, I only recall seeing a couple of examples of fonts that required a special license for use in a logo.

    We require a special license for what we call ‘letterform products’—terminology we adopted from that used by @JoyceKetterer at Darden Studioes—, but would not classify a logo in that context—even if the logo de-textualised glyphs from the font—unless the logo made using our font constituted the whole of a product, e.g. you cast your logo in bronze and sold it as a home furnishing (!).
  • Thanks guys.
    I've given it some thoughts and I think you are right, John, this is case falls under a regular desktop license.
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