Tracking project status

Wouter van NesWouter van Nes Posts: 4
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I'm a starting type designer and I'm figuring out a productivity system to track the status of different projects (mostly doing this in Notion). So I was asking myself what status system other designers use while designing typefaces. So how do you keep track of the status of a project while you're designing, kerning, proofing, …?

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  • Eben and I also worked (with others) on a overall process diagram @ which might help
  • @Dave Crossland fyi looks like that diagram doesn’t show because it’s hosted on a non public Google Drive location
  • Thanks a lot @JoyceKetterer and @Dave Crossland for your insights! 
  • Dave CrosslandDave Crossland Posts: 1,348
    The diagram on that page is now fixed, thanks Ben for mentioning
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