Hi everyone!

My name's Pietro and I'm an Italian freelance designer.
I worked in many fields through the years, primarily focusing on UI design nowadays.
To whom it may concern, this is my portfolio.

I always had a deep love for typography and also did a course in type design years ago in Milan.
For that course, I designed a typeface inspired by the work of Aldo Novarese but it's still in the early stage and I'd like to enhance it further in the future, together with other typeface ideas I had in the meanwhile.

I hope to share soon some designs here, I'd love to get some critique from you all :)


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    Cool stuff! The weights in your typeface transition from light to dark as well as from round to squarish. Assuming this is on purpose, what is the reasoning?
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    Hey @Jasper de Waard! Thank you!
    Well, the brief at the type design course was to purposely design an unconventional typeface that would change not only on weights but also in other features, so I decided to change the geometry as well, from round to square shapes. I recalled some works from Aldo Novarese in this direction, so that's how the typeface came from :smile:
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    How interesting! That is a lovely re-interpretation of Eurostile/Microgramma. Thank you for sharing it.
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    Thank you so much @Thomas Phinney!
    There are actually lots of improvements to do (first of all: kernings, missing glyphs, etc) but I hope to spend some time working on it during winter :smile: It's also open-source, so anybody is welcome to make enhancements on GitHub.
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