Any thoughts about Creative Fabrica?

Somebody from Creative Fabrica reach me to add my work on their website. It was the first time I heard about that distributor. May I have your thoughts about them? Thank you in advance


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    "Spotify" model in world of fonts :)

    CreativeFabrica had a separate category "Color fonts", then I found it as a good place to sell my OpenTypeSVG fonts.

    they put a lot of emphasis on subscription, so it's getting harder and harder to sell a font if there is an ad for a $1 subscription next to them.

    Good place if you believe in the future of the subscription model
  • Rob BarbaRob Barba Posts: 56
    I've been selling there for a while.  Yeah, they make their money off subscriptions, no argument.  But I've been doing pretty well there, and if you do more than just fonts, it's a great way to have a knock on effect: I have a lot of people buying my clipart designs just because they've purchased my fonts in the past.

    YMMV, but there are worse places out there.
  • Ray LarabieRay Larabie Posts: 1,118
    I use it for distributing my free fonts and I make a couple of bucks on referrals. Their traffic is impressive.
  • Thank you all of you for sharing your thoughts.
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