Can’t color in glyphs of font in browser if it also contains COLR/CPAL & SVG table

Hi there,
if font contains a COLR/CPAL & SVG table for one glyph I can’t color in regular glyphs of font in Firefox or Chrome on Mac (Safari works). Font color change  works fine in Illustrator or Word for example. Is there a known work around for the application in browsers?


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    deleted - misunderstanding :)

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    deleted - misunderstanding :)
  • I think I did not explain my issue well for it's not particularly about the element in the font that is in color but the non color ones.

    I have a conventional font to which I have added the client’s color logo as colr/cpal as well as svg. Like with any font I can change the color of all glyphs -- except for the color logo, of course -- in Illustrator, InDesign, Word, even Safari. But I cannot change the color of the glyphs in Chrome or Firefox, they always stay black.

    In the following example (Mac OS) I typed the text and logo and gave assigned red.
    In these examples the results should all look the same (in my view):
    - the Logo should be black with yellow
    - the text should be red

    - Firefox takes the font color and applies it not to the text but the black part of logo.
    - Chrome displays the text as black but it is set to red

    - Safari
    - Word
    - InDesign
    - Illustrator
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